River Slea upgrade projects spawn partnership

As is usual with waterway restoration projects, not much appears to happen for a while but, in reality, trusts and societies are a bit like swans, serene on the surface but paddling like crazy below.  Until all details are in place it is often not possible to disclose them to the general public.  

The Trust have been working for some time now on a potential partnership to develop the waterway and explore its potential in terms of tourism and environmental enhancement. The project has just been announced by North Kesteven District Council at a meeting reported in the local paper.  Follow this link to see the full article in the paper.

The scheme has yet to have full council approval before it can go any further. Unfortunately, there is one error, in that we had not considered using Canal and River Trust volunteers as the article suggests. 

When the rebuilding of Haverholme Lock starts in earnest, there will be plenty of scope for volunteers with a wide variety of skills or, indeed, volunteers wanting to learn new skills.  Anyone with bricklaying and civil engineering experience will be particularly welcome. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at sleaford.navigation@ntlworld.com.