Sleaford Navigation Footpath Appeal


Local parish boundaries were changed in 1948 and this created an anomaly as far as the recording of the footpath beside the River Slea near Ferry Farm was concerned (see map above).  Inadvertently, perhaps the result of a lack of co-ordination or attention to detail, a very short section (shown in green) between the parishes was omitted. This led to a break in the recording on the Definitive Map of an otherwise continuous path between Sleaford and Chapel Hill.

In order to re-establish the right of way and reconnect the path, it is necessary to show that the section has been walked over a long period of time. If you, or anyone that you know has used the footpath at any time in the past 20 years, your evidence could help establish that usage and enable an application to be made to The County Council for a Modification Order to re-establish the missing section of footpath.

Please consider helping by contributing to the gathering of relevant evidence and contact Councillor Mervyn Head for an LCC Evidence Form by 30th April 2022.


Phone:      07305 326285