Directors Report 2019


A non-profit distributing company limited by guarantee.

Registered in England & Wales No: 3294818.  Registered Charity No. 1060234

Registered Office: Island House, Moor Rd., Chesham, HP5 1WA

Directors’ Annual Report, December 2019

This is the twenty-third annual report of the Directors of the Trust and covers the year to 31st December, 2019.  The company was incorporated on 19th December,1996 and its full name is the Sleaford Navigation Trust. A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales No. 03294818, the Trust is also a registered charity No. 1060234. The governing documents of the Trust are the memorandum and articles of association which have been approved by the Charity Commission.

The Directors of the Trust during the year to 31st December 2019 were:

Christine Hayes (Chairman)                                   David Carnell 

Stephen Hayes (Secretary)                                   Penny Carnell              

Debbie Scott                                                       David Pullen (Engineer)                        

Pat Taylor                                                            Susan Sowerby                                    

Melvyn Sowerby                                                  Rebecca Franks (Treasurer)

No director may remain in office for more than three years without seeking re-election.

The Trust registered office is: Island House, Moor Rd., Chesham, HP5 1WA

General correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary at 10 Chelmer Close, Lincoln. LN6 8TH.

The main Agents of the Trust are:

Bankers: Lloyds Bank plc, 2 Northgate, Sleaford, Lincolnshire.  NG34 7BL

Auditors: Previously Staniforth & Co of Nottingham

Membership Secretary: Jenny Osborne, Bank House, Ruskington Fen, Billinghay, Lincoln, LN4 4DS

Objectives, Organisation and Activities

The Company was established to stimulate public interest in and appreciation of the history, structure and beauty of the waterway known as the Sleaford Navigation or Kyme Eau and to promote the restoration and preservation of the waterway for navigation and other purposes.

The Trust

  • is organised and controlled by its Directors who provide their services on a volunteer basis as members of the Executive Board which meets monthly, or more frequently if necessary, to formulate and implement strategy and to review progress. There are no paid or seconded staff.
  • is a corporate member of the Inland Waterways Association which shares certain objectives with the Trust and provides help and support nationally and locally to all organisations engaged in waterway restoration.
  • is a member of the Sleaford Sports Partnership.  
  • produces its own newsletter which is circulated to members.
  • has a website and a facebook page.
  • liaises with NKDC Executive Board Councillor Mervyn Head who has specific responsibility for matters concerning the waterway.

Review of Progress and Achievements

During the year, the Trust has continued the publicity campaign undertaken in previous years.  Activities have included attendance at a series of events which were successful in raising public awareness of the Navigation and, in some cases, also proved a success in the secondary function of fund-raising.  These included Heckington Show and the Grantham Canal Discovery Day. Press releases, articles and interviews resulted in valuable publicity both locally and in the national waterways press.

Representatives of the Trust attended

  • Meetings of the Witham Catchment Partnership Steering Committee in conjunction with the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust.
  • A North Kesteven District Council Funding Seminar at Wilsford.
  • A Lincolnshire County Council Funding Seminar “Join the Dots” at Hemswell.
  • A fact-finding visit to the Chesterfield Canal Trust with Alan Gray, Economic Development Manager. NKDC.
  • A meeting with Richard Wright, NKDC Leader, to discuss the work and aspirations of the Trust.
  • A meeting with representatives of NKDC and the EA to discuss and consider the details of the planned ESIF environmental enhancement measures in the top pound in Sleaford.
  • An IWA/CRT Restoration Workshop in Wolverhampton
  • South Kyme Working Group meetings involving representatives from the Environment Agency and South Kyme Parish Council
  • A series of meetings in connection with proposed work on the weir crest and by-wash at Haverholme Lock in preparation for further work on the lock itself. Consultation took place with personnel from North Kesteven District Council, the Environment Agency and the Inland Waterways Association Restoration Hub.

Trust work parties have continued at a number of locations including Taylors Lock, South Kyme and Sleaford.

As reported in the previous Directors’ Report, coir roll had been installed as bank protection and habitat enhancement in Sleaford. Unfortunately, only a few of the plants survived because of extremely wet conditions and shading from the overhanging trees. After consultation with Salix, the supplier, a different choice of plant, Carex Pendula, was used in another attempt in Spring 2019.

Some additional works were undertaken to complete the LEADER funded Destination South Kyme project. These included modification to the landing stages by the installation of a bridging section and the creation of a new access path with a hard surface. The Annual Boat Gathering took place in South Kyme in May.

As part of the plan to encourage more boats to visit the village, it had always been intended to create a separately funded winding hole above the village. The Trust had been fortunate in securing monies from the Inland Waterways Association, East Anglian Waterways Association and individual donors. Following negotiations with the landowner and the necessary permitting by the EA, the digging out of the winding hole was undertaken by contractor Phil Wright in July. Discussion with David Hutchinson, EA Witham Catchment Co-ordinator, had led to the modification of the winding hole design to include a berm and shallow area providing a fish spawning ground and protected area where predators could not access small fish. Extra funding to achieve these additional environmental benefits had been provided by the EA. The installation of the required coir matting and rolls was undertaken by volunteers drawn from the Trust, the EA and the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust. The completed landing stages and winding hole have proved popular and the number of boats visiting the village has increased.

Review of Financial Activities and Affairs

The Trust has been fortunate enough to receive monies from individual donors and raised capital from the sale of goods. The Trust is registered for VAT. The resources available are considered adequate to enable the Trust to continue its work effectively at this stage of the restoration programme. The Trust’s assets are adequate to fulfil all its obligations and there are no commitments which are required to be disclosed in this report or the notes to the accounts.

For and on behalf of the Executive Board

Steve Hayes,

Director & Secretary