Exciting new development in Sleaford

For many years the Trust has had the aspiration of running a trip boat on the section of the river in Sleaford. We have seen the success of similar boats elsewhere in providing an enhanced visitor experience whilst at the same time making the case for further restoration of the waterway in question.

We are delighted that this project can now become a reality thanks to a successful application to the North Kesteven Shared Prosperity Fund. The money we will receive means that we have been able to commission the building of a 30’ steel narrowboat shell which will be fitted out by volunteers. When completed, the boat will be crewed by volunteers and carry twelve passengers between the Hub and Cogglesford Watermill. The funding also provides for crew training and maintenance of the boat.

Public response to the plan has been very encouraging and several people have already expressed interest in being involved in both the initial work on the boat and in its operation. We are hoping that delivery of the shell will be in June with internal woodwork and seating being installed shortly after that. This will take place on the water at the mooring area near the Hub.

If you would like to find out more about being involved in the fit-out of the shell, or the later crewing of the boat, please get in touch via the website or by emailing the Trust at sleaford.navigation@ntlworld.com