Volunteer Policy

Sleaford Navigation Trust Volunteer policy

The aim of the Trust is to restore and develop the Sleaford Navigation in the best way possible for the benefit of the community, the environment and for the greater education and enjoyment of all. Volunteers are essential to the restoration and to its long-term sustainability.

The Trust values and recognises the huge contribution volunteers make to the restoration and development of the navigation.

The social side of volunteering is a fundamental key to success. There is satisfaction in working together to achieve a goal and in enjoying the camaraderie involved.

The Trust hopes that volunteers will strive to do the best they can in every job they take on. That may be digging, bricklaying, clearing vegetation, welcoming visitors, doing paperwork…….. the list of opportunities is almost endless.

 SNT volunteers will respect each other, the environment, Trust members, local residents and the wider community, in accordance with Trust priorities, advice and guidance.


  • The Trust will do its best to find volunteering opportunities to fit with an individual’s availability, skills and preferences.
  • All volunteers are welcome whether they make contact personally, through Facebook or the web site, by letter, email, telephone, or by approaching members at one of the Trust work-parties.


  • SNT welcomes volunteers from every part of the community.
  • Volunteering opportunities exist for all ages, genders, ethnic groups, religions, disabilities, educational backgrounds and sexual orientations.
  • In the interests of safety and practical supervision, the Trust may require under 18s or certain vulnerable volunteers to be accompanied by a supervisor, carer or guardian who will have direct responsibility for them.

Education, Skills and Training

  • The Trust is committed to supporting volunteers in gaining transferable skills.
  • SNT will help to build volunteer confidence, practical experience and skill-base by providing on the job mentoring.
  • It will assist specific personal development by providing professional training where this is a necessary part of activities with the Trust.

Health and Safety

  • Sleaford Navigation Trust is committed to providing a healthy, safe setting for all its volunteer activities as is shown in its Health & Safety Policy.
  • Volunteers will not be pressurised or be expected to undertake anything that they are uncomfortable taking on.
  • Some tasks undertaken by volunteers naturally carry an element of risk. The team leader or manager will have completed a risk assessment of those activities and will advise on the work procedures and safety precautions to be taken.
  • Volunteers may be asked to wear safety appropriate clothing, gloves and footwear as part of risk mitigation. Where other personal protection equipment is required, this will usually be provided.
  • Only suitably qualified volunteers may undertake certain tasks which require the use of power tools and/or other specialist plant and equipment. If necessary, training will be provided.
  • Volunteers should also take sensible precautions at all times with regard to health & safety. The use of drugs or alcohol is forbidden as is anti-social behaviour or any activity which would bring the Trust into disrepute.
  • They should listen to, take on board and familiarise themselves with any relevant instructions, guidance and formal procedures given to them to follow.


  • All organised activities undertaken by Sleaford Navigation Trust, its members and volunteers, are covered by appropriate insurance as long as they are performed in accordance with stated policies.

 Personal Data

  • When initially attending, volunteers will be required to fill in a Contact and Medical Health Form. It is important for volunteers to ensure information is up to date.
  • The Trust will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the protection of any personal information held about volunteers. It will use this to manage volunteering effectively and will not share such information with third parties.
  • Should volunteers wish to cease activity with the Trust, contact details and personal information will be deleted from SNT records in accordance with the Trust’s GDPR Policy.