GDPR Policy

Sleaford Navigation Trust General Data Protection Regulations – Data Policy

Collection of Data

The Trust collects and stores personal data in the following ways:

  • Information supplied on membership application forms is used send out newsletters, either electronically or by post as preferred by the recipient, and to inform members, where appropriate, that their membership is due for renewal. This information is not shared with any other body.
  • The original application forms are stored securely by the Membership Secretary who also has the information on a database.
  • No financial information is retained by the Trust.

Volunteers who attend Trust work parties, whether members or not, are asked if they are happy to supply information as follows:

  • Contact details so that they can be informed of dates and venues for future work parties.
  • Information regarding any medical conditions of which the Work Party Co-ordinator should be aware for Health and Safety reasons.
  • Contact details for next of kin in the event of any medical emergency or accident.

This information is held securely in paper form by the Work Party Co-ordinator and brought to each work party. It is not shared in any way.

Retention of Data by the Trust:

  • Membership details will be retained as long as the membership lasts. In the event of non-renewal by a member, then the data will be destroyed one year from the missed renewal date. It will also be destroyed on the reported death of a member.
  • Information relevant to work party volunteers will be held for a period not exceeding a year if work parties are not attended. It will then be destroyed.

Individual Rights and Access to Data:

  • Members have the right to access the information relevant to them which is held by the Trust on application to the Secretary.
  • Members have the right to cancel their membership at any time by application to the Secretary at which point they will cease to receive the newsletter and their data will be destroyed.
  • Volunteers and members who attend work parties have the right to withdraw from those activities at which point their data will be destroyed. They may choose to continue to receive information regarding work party dates and locations if they so wish.
  • Volunteers and members attending work parties will be asked on arrival to check that the information held by the Work Party Co-ordinator is accurate and up to date.