By Boat


Water Levels on the Navigation

I’m pleased to say that the water level has now returned to normal.  The Navigation is therefore open for boating.  Please remember to make sure that the guillotine gate is fully down and the paddles at Bottom Lock are closed when leaving the lock.

Bottom Lock

Bottom Lock (Taylors Lock) has conventional mitre bottom gates and a guillotine top gate.  A normal windlass will be needed for the bottom gates, however, a CRT key is necessary to undo the padlock on the guillotine handle.  The Trust asks boaters to make sure that the guillotine is wound down hard after using the lock to ensure that there is no water loss.

If boaters are intending to pass under Halfpenny Hatch Bridge, beyond South Kyme, please note that it is VERY low.  However, when a boat is passing through Bottom Lock, a rough idea of the clearance at Halfpenny Hatch Bridge can be found by looking at the white painted mark on the right hand support of the guillotine gate. The Trust takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the marking, which is for guidance only, but this is approximately at the same height as the underside of the bridge deck. If the top of your boat is close to the level of the mark, then be very careful when attempting to negotiate the bridge.

South Kyme village moorings

The Trust has installed some 72 hr visitor moorings for boats in the village.  There is a pub in the village but, if that is closed, then it is possible to get temporary social membership at the golf club.  Both food and drinks are available at the golf club.

Turning a boat at the South Kyme winding hole

Again, it should be stressed that Halfpenny Hatch Bridge is very low and, if there is any doubt about clearance, boats should not attempt to get under the bridge but should use the South Kyme winding hole. 

The new winding hole is about a mile upstream of the village.  To use it, boaters should take a different approach from that used at a normal winding hole on the canals.  Boats should reverse into the winding hole and let the flow of the river take the bow round.

Turning a boat at Cobblers Lock

The current head of navigation is Cobblers Lock.

Boats should turn in the by-wash which comes out on the right hand side about 100m below the lock. Do NOT make the mistake of trying to turn in the Old Slea which joins the Navigation from the left as it is very shallow.

Boats should reverse into the by-wash and let the flow take the bow round.