AGM 2019 minutes


Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting held at Sleaford Town Council Offices, Sleaford, on Monday 13th May, 2019


Mr & Mrs D Carnell, Mrs B Jones, Mr & Mrs M Pitcaithly.

Minutes of the last AGM:

The minutes were approved as a true record, proposed by Mrs R Franks, seconded by Mr K Fernandes.

Directors’ Report:

It was recorded that the report had been circulated.  Mrs Hayes summarised the contents and noted it as being the twenty-second annual report.

Its reception was proposed by Mrs D Scott, seconded by Mr M Phillips.

Thanks were extended to all committee members, members and volunteers for the work that they carried out on behalf of the Trust.

Accounts and Auditors’ Report:

The accounts and report were presented to the meeting.  Their reception was proposed by Mr K Fernandes, seconded by Mr D Pullen.

The appointment of Staniforth & Co of Nottingham as the Company’s Auditors and the authorisation of the Directors to fix their remuneration was proposed by Mr M Sowerby, seconded by Mr S Hayes.

Election of Directors:

The following Directors stood for re-election, Mrs P Carnell and Mrs D Scott.

Both were elected unanimously.

Any Other Business:

Mrs Hayes reported on the activities of the Trust so far in 2019 and outlined the current progress of the ‘Destination South Kyme’ project.  Mr D Pullen responded to a question from Mr D James concerning water supply to the River Slea.